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Las updated at March 21, 2024
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Hello, my name is Pepe García. I'm a software engineer currently working at seQura and living in 🇪🇸 Valencia. I love making projects, traveling and flying my DJI Mini drone, and playing padel.

Me in EgyptEgypt
Me in Azores Azores
Me in MalaysiaMalaysia
Me playing padel Padel

Work related story

Since I was a kid, I've always had a knack for computers. By the time I was 15, I'd already reinstalled the operating system for all my friends and family. But what I really enjoyed was tinkering, or as I call it in Spanish, "enredar" because I'm from Extremadura. Later on, I realized that for me, that meant learning, experimenting, discovering, and being curious.

In 2007, I spent most of my days playing online games for years. Thanks to that I discovered what would be my gateway into the tech world: forums and online communities. We needed a forum for our gaming clan to communicate, so who made it? Yep, me.

That led me to start messing around with HTML, CSS, and a bit of PHP. I even discovered what a CMS was and learned Photoshop! Before I realized about it, I was making websites for gaming clans in exchange for in-game items. Dreamweaver and Flash books started arriving at home. My mom was baffled because she didn't understand a thing. My dad got it, though. He'd encourage me and ask, "What are you up to?" while sending me tutorials.

Fast forward to 2013, I started the Higher Degree in Web Application Development in Mérida, my hometown. And decided to participate in Spainskills a web design competition, like Olympics games but for nerds. I'd train for the competition in the morning and attend classes in the afternoon. Exhausting, but I loved it. I came first in the regional phase and third nationally. And that's where I realized the importance of frameworks; people used Symfony and Laravel, while I did everything from scratch. Big mistake.

Moving into 2015, I started working in a company and developing my professional career, finding my place and getting to know myself to know what I like to work on in this big development world. Check my CV if you are interested in more work experience oriented details.

Life related story

Wow, glad you made it this far! I think it's cool to get to know the person behind the screen, so I'm going to tell you a little bit more about me and my life.

Although I live in Valencia, I was born in Merida, a beautiful city in Extremadura. Throughout my life I have been lucky enough to live in Seville, Madrid and now in Valencia where we have bought a house, so it seems that for a while we will stay here enjoying the good weather, beach, paella and friends. It doesn't sound bad.

I started playing Padel when I was a child and well, I read a long time ago on Twitter something like "Keep close the sports you enjoyed as a kid, as an adult they will make you disconnect and enjoy the life". And oh god, It was absolutely right.

I love traveling and exploring new places, meeting new people and learning about their culture, traditions and food. If you want to check out some photos I started a 500px account where I randomly upload some of them, but being honest I don't update it regularly!

If you want to keep in touch shoot me a DM in Twitter, I'll be happy to chat!